Rick Beato Net Worth: What Is He Worth Today?

Rick Beato Net Worth

If you’re wondering what Rick Beato net worth is you’ve come to the right place

Rick Beato is a hugely popular channel on youtube with 2.72 million subs at the point of writing this

a ton of people are wondering what Rick Beato makes per year. We will help you break down what he makes monthly as well as yearly and how he makes his money

Rick Beato Net Worth

Rick Beato Has a net worth of about 2.5 million dollars. This is just an estimate but we actually think it’s higher than that, to be honest

How does Rick Beato earn his money?

Rick Beato earns most of his money from youtube. Now on youtube, you can earn in multiple ways

Many people think just ads are the only way to make money on youtube but its a matter of awareness

Ads are an excellent passive way to make money but you can make a whole lot more if you’re able to sell information products, affiliate products, coaching/teaching hours to people

In the ads part of the equation, he does make a lot of money. He gets a lot of views per month at around 9 million a month or so

If you factor in that YouTubers generally make around 5 – 8 dollars per 1000 views you can do some math and get a good estimate

Rick makes between 30 – 40 thousand per month from ads alone and around 500k per year

Again that’s from ads alone so I would figure that number is much higher than 500k per year

We are estimating that this number is low, to be honest. We estimate that Rick Beato is bringing in at least 1 million per year in revenue