Richard Montanez Net Worth: Age, Height, Relationship, and Career

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Richard Montanez is an author, businessman, and speaker. He is popularly known for claiming to be the inventor of the popular product from Frito Lay called Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Montanez was subsequently named vice president of multicultural sales & community promotions for PepsiCo. He is also a motivational speaker and instructor in leadership. Montanez is the author of two books based on his life experiences: A Boy, a Burrito, and a Cookie, and Flamin’ Hot: The Incredible True Story of One Man’s Rise from Janitor to Top Executive. He is the subject of a planned biopic, Flamin’ Hot, directed by Eva Longoria. Richard Montanez net worth is estimated to be $15 million as of 2022.

Celebrated NameRichard Montanez
Rеаl Nаmе/Full NаmеRichard Montanez
Аgе63 years old
Віrth Dаtе15 August 1958
Віrth РlасеMexico
Richard Montanez Net Worth in 2022$15 million
Richard Montanez Net Worth and Introduction

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Early Life

Richard was born to Mexican immigrant parents and was raised in Guasti, a small town close to Ontario, California. He grew up in a migrant labor camp where he lived in a one-bedroom apartment with his parents and his ten siblings

Despite his humble beginnings, Montanez showed business acumen from a young age. On the first day of 3rd grade, his mom packed him a burrito for his lunch — a meal that marked him as different from his classmates.

“There I was with this burrito and with everyone staring at me. I put it back in my bag and hid it,” Montanez wrote in his memoir “A Boy, a Burrito, and a Cookie.”

He requested that his mom make him a bologna sandwich and a cupcake the next day, but instead, she sent him to school with two burritos: one for him and one for a friend.

And so, marked the beginning of the young entrepreneur’s side hustle of selling burritos for $0.25 each.

Montanez dropped out of school in the fourth grade, but his yen for innovation didn’t end with his formal schooling. He took on a series of different jobs and while working as a janitor at a Frito-Lay plant in Rancho Cucamonga, California, he created the now-staple the Cheetos brand.

After a broken machine on the Cheetos assembly line released a batch of plain — and ostensibly unusable — Cheetos, Montanez took the snacks home, where he sprinkled them with chili powder.

After testing the flavor with his family, Montanez pitched the idea to former PepsiCo CEO Roger Enrico over the phone and was given two weeks to prepare a presentation to the executive suite.

Richard Montanez Age, Height, Weight, and Relationship

Being born on 15 August 1958, Richard Montanez is 63 years old. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 75 kg or 165 pounds.

Richard has been married to Judy Montanez for more than 37 years and lives in Rancho Cucamonga. He is a father of three sons and has five grandchildren.

Richard Montanez Net Worth and Career

Richard Montanez Net Worth and Career

Richard started his PepsiCo career at Frito-Lay in 1976 as a janitor in its Rancho Cucamonga plant. He is recognized as the creator of the Flaming hotline of products including Flaming Hot Cheetos, which influenced future ethnic products, and the first Frito-Lay Hispanic marketing team. In addition, Richard helped influence Hispanic products and marketing promotions for KFC and Taco Bell.

Richard is known for his visionary leadership and ability to develop new systems and products. He sits on numerous non-profit boards. Throughout his career, Richard has accomplished several notable achievements and awards. Both state and federal government officials have honored Richard with numerous commendations for his work around education and leading economic growth. He was recognized by Hispanic Lifestyle magazine as one of the most influential Hispanics in corporate America and has been featured in News Week and Fortune 500 magazine.

On December 6, 2015, history was made when the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) Board of Directors unanimously voted Richard Montanez as the organization’s very first Latino Board Member. He has been invited by the White House numerous times including the welcoming of Pope Benedict XVI White House visit. In 2004, Richard presented at a special United Nations event.

Richard Also has a Foundation called Onelite. Onelite feeds hundreds of thousands of families every year and has sent millions of dollars worth of food across the country. Onelite also provides new shoes for kids back to school in many urban markets.

Richard Montanez Net Worth

Richard Montanez net worth is estimated to be around $15 million as of 2022. Richard earned a handsome income as a businessman, author, and motivational speaker. He retired in 2019 and it appears that he now earns the majority of his income from his speaking engagements.