Luke Combs Net Worth: Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Dating

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Luke Combs is an American country music singer. He was born in Asheville, North Carolina in March 1990. He became famous after covering the country songs and uploading them on YouTube. 

Luke Combs’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Early Life

Luke Combs was born in North Carolina, United States, on March 2, 1990. His parents were Chester and Rhonda Combs. When he was eight, his

family shifted their place to Asheville, North Carolina. He attended A.A. Reynolds high school, where he performed in several vocal groups and

also played football. When he was in college,  he played his first-ever county music show at Parthenon café while he was in college. He dropped

college when he was just about to finish it and just concentrate on singing.

In 2014, he released his EP “ Cain I get Outlaw” and another EP named “ the way she rides”.  He also produced “ hurricane” which hits No. one in the country music charts.  Combs continues to gain momentum in singing.

Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend

Сеlеbrаtеd Nаmе Lukе Соmbѕ
Rеаl Nаmе/Full Nаmе Lukе Аlbеrt Соmbѕ
Аgе31 уеаrѕ оld
Віrth Dаtе2 Маrсh 1990
Віrth РlасеСhаrlоttе, Nоrth Саrоlіnа
Неіght1.73 cm
Wеіght98 kgs
Ѕехuаl ОrіеntаtіоnStraight
Маrіtаl Ѕtаtuѕ Іn а rеlаtіоnѕhір with Nicole Hocking

Luke Combs Net Worth and Career

As a young musician, he accomplished a lot in terms of his music career.  He released his debut album in 2017 named “this one’s for you” The

project immediately became a hit. The singles Combs did include “one number away” made him a popular county music star.

In 2018, he release his debut albums and new songs.  The song called “beautiful Crazy” is his standing hit. The next album that he releases is

“What you See Is What You Get” on November 8, 2019. This includes the top charted songs such as “Even Though I’m Leaving”, “Beer Never Broke

My Heart”, “Does to Me”, and “Lovin’ on You”.

Despite combs’ career being established a few years, he still stands among other newer country artists.

Luke Combs Net Worth

Lukes personal wealth comes from his music sales and concert events. He also earned money from his Youtube Channel. At the time of writing, Luke Combs’ net worth is approximately $5 million.