Kennedy Cymone Net Worth: How Rich Is The YouTube Star?

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Kennedy Cymone Net Worth: Kennedy Cymone is an American YouTuber who is the girlfriend of PontiacMadeDDG, a prominent YouTuber and artist.  She began as a beauty and lifestyle YouTuber under the channel FabulousInMaking but subsequently changed it to her name. As of 2021, Kennedy Cymone’s net worth is believed to be $700,000 dollars.

Kennedy Cymone’s material used to be made up of outfit videos, hauls, and DIY projects. It also got her a position in the NYX Face Awards. She is currently producing more vlog videos in which she chronicles the highlights of the life and storytime films of her previous experiences, as well as offering her viewpoint on various topics.

Full NameKennedy Cymone
Date of BirthNovember 29, 1998
Birth PlaceNorth Carolina, USA
ProfessionYoutuber, Fashion Blogger, Beauty, Entrepreneur
Age22 years old
Weight50 kg
Height5 feet 9 inches

Kennedy Cymone Early Life

Kennedy Cymone on September 29, 1998, in the united states.

She has a younger brother named Korbin Chase.

Cymone came to Los Angeles at the age of 19 to pursue her career of creating content that helps people.

Kennedy Cymone appearance and height

Kennedy Cymone is 5 foot 9 inches tall.

Kennedy Cymone YouTube Career

Kennedy started making beauty and lifestyle content and quickly rose to fame through that.

Kennedy Cymone is a beauty and lifestyle expert who rose to prominence through her YouTube channel FabulousInMaking.’ Cymone.

She started her channel in 2012. Now she is making vlog videos on top of her other content.

Her channel now offers a series of beauty lessons followed by wardrobe videos, hauls, and DIYs.

People are drawn to the confidence shown in her videos. Lots of young women like her for that. For someone who is young, she shows a lot of maturities

Though Cymone appears to be an extrovert and gregarious person on-screen, she is actually extremely introverted and quiet and takes a long time to mix with others. Unbelievable for a social media celebrity and well-known personality

Some of her most popular videos are makeup tutorials on how to apply makeup the right way

Kennedy Cymone Personal Life

She began dating YouTuber PontiacMadeDDG in 2017. They were engaged in April 2018 but they split not long after that.

Kennedy Cymone Net Worth

What is Kennedy Cymone’s net worth or how much does Kennedy Cymone make? As of 2022, Kennedy Cymone has an estimated net worth of $700,000.