Jonathan Taylor Thomas net worth: what is he worth today?

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas was extremely popular in the ’90s. He was famous during his teenage years which is a difficult thing to deal with but he handled it pretty well

He is most known for acting and voice acting. His most notable roles are in Disney’s lion king where he played Simba and his role on home improvement

He was in various other films like wild America and such but lately, he stepped away from the spotlight

Early Life

Jonathan Taylor Thomas was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. His birthday is September 8th, 1981.

He didn’t get into show business until he was about 8 years old

After some commercial gigs, he ended up landing a job on a show The adventures of spot. The show lasted three seasons. After this, his acting career took off like gangbusters

Acting career

JTT has some serious success coming his way on a show called home improvement. He was also on a popular show called Brady bunch and in living color briefly

Because of his popularity, he was offered roles in new high profile movies like lion king, man of the house, and Tom and Huck

Tom and Huck netting JTT 600k which was massive at the time for someone his age

The adventures of Pinocchio came after that which was also massive. He also appeared in the video game version of that movie

JTT wanted to take a bit of a break from show business to pursue his education

He Went to Chaminade college preparatory school and then went to Harvard University. He also went to St. Andrews University in Scotland, and Columbia university eventually graduating in 2010

When taking time off from regular tv gigs he did appear on some shows here and there like Smallville, Ally McBeal, and 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter and other various shows

He appeared on home improvement again for a reunion thing and Last man standing

Many people asked JTT why he left acting when he was at his most popular and he said it was a good decision

He said he didn’t take fame too seriously like most people do and looks at it like it was a good experience

He expressed more of an interest to be behind the camera in a directing role than acting

Jonathan Taylor Thomas net worth

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is worth 16 million dollars

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Height

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is 5 foot 4 inches tall

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