Deestroying Net Worth: What is the YouTube Creator worth in 2022

Deestroying Net Worth is something that a lot of people are wondering about since the channel grew in popularity. The channel was started in 2015 and is based out of the united states

It’s always hard to tell how much YouTubers make because they have so many ways to make money from their audience

We are estimating that he’s worth about 5 million dollars at the time of writing this post

Now we are going to start off with just youtube ad revenue for the first estimation

Youtube pays their creators that are in the partner program based on ads that appear before and during the video

They get the money deposited to their bank account directly from their Adsense account

Google makes it easy to get paid on youtube

Deestroying Net Worth

Deestroying Net Worth is 5 million dollars

Again this is just from youtube ads. He makes much more money from his audience than just from ads a lot. Most YouTubers make much more from other sources of income

If you consider the other sources of income that he produces we can safely assume his net worth is going to be in the ball park of 6 million

How much is Deestroying earning per year?

Deestroying earns about 80 thousand per month from just youtube ads alone and around 200 thousand a month from all sources of income

He gets around 15 million views a month and youtube pays between 3 – 8 dollars per 1000 views on average

some niches pay a higher amount per 1000 views so it could potentially be more

Now we took a look at his views and we noticed that his views are high and the CPM ( payment for 1000 views) should be in that range so he is making around 1.5 million per year of ads

Now considering all other factors we’ve estimated that he earns around 2 million per year

How YouTubers make money

The obvious way is ads. YouTubers make lots of money from Google Adsense advertising

The other ways they make money is through affiliate offers, information products, brand deals, sponsorships, coaching and mentoring and investments