Brett Gray net worth: What is he worth today in 2022

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Brett Gray is a musician and an actor from the united states

He is known for his character on Star Trek: prodigy and the Netflix show “On My Block”. On that show, he plays a character called Dal

Full nameBrett GrayAge 24Date of birth august 7, 1996ProfessionActor and musicianRelationshipSingle (at the time of writing this)Brett gray Net Worth300,000

The early life of Brett Gray

Brett was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He wanted to be an actor so he decided to pursue that while in school.

Not too long into going to school, he was interested in doing his first school play around the age of 6. At the age of 7, he became a part of a show at the academy of music on his first major play

performance became a big part of his life and he wanted to pursue more projects in theatre and acting

He has a sense of humor which was noticed among the people around him.

He went to the Philadelphia high school for creative and performing arts as a major. In 2014 he graduated

What is Brett Gray Net worth?

Brett gray has a net worth of around 300,000 dollars USD at the time of writing this post

Brett has an agent that helped him get the role on “ON MY BLOCK” which was a project he was attracted to because of the story

Brett gray started chalking up some awesome opportunities which added to his resume and net worth considerably

Brett wants to help shape the image of black men in media. SOmething people like morgan freeman and Denzel Washington are trying to do as well

Brett also sings on top of the acting career he has

He has a few songs out that you might know

You can find all his songs on his youtube channel here

His channel has almost 100k Subscribers on it

Brett Gray height and weight

Brett Gray is 5 Foot 8 Inches tall. Which is 173 cm.

brett weighs around 150 pounds.

Personal life and relationships

Brett gray is not currently in a relationship but a man of his ambition will be taken soon

brett gray net worth

Brett gray’s net worth is $300,000 dollars USD