Bobby Parrish Net Worth: FlavCity With Bobby Perish Earnings

If you’re wondering what Bobby Parrish Net Worth is you’ve come to the right place

They have a massive subscriber count of 2.8 million subscribers at the time of writing this post

Flavcity with bobby Parrish began their channel in 2012 and has grown greatly over the past 9 years amassing tons of views and subscribers

They currently get around 190,000 subscribers a month and 130 million video views per month

Bobby Parrish net worth

Bobby Parrish net worth is around 80 million dollars as of 2022

First, we should talk about how they make money on youtube

They make money through Adsense advertising first of all. This will pay around 5 – 8 dollars per 1000 views

Since they get a lot of views per month we can make a good estimation of their monthly income which is around 400,000 to 500,000 per month off Adsense money alone

Now most big channels won’t just make money off their ads only

They will have multiple sources of income like affiliate offers, information products, brand deals, sponsorships, coaching/ consulting, etc.

it’s hard to tell exactly what their net worth is because of all the other sales they can be made.

Now I would suspect the channel will keep going up in revenue since the channel continues to grow each month

Flavciy with bobby Parrish earns 15 million per year

With all the ad revenue and the other ways, they can potentially be making money online.

On a daily basis, FlavCity is getting around 4 million views a day

On a daily basis, they are making almost 50k per day on ad revenue alone and around 100k or more a day from other profits

Now on average, most channels are making 5 – 8 dollars in ad revenue per 1000 views and FlavCity might be getting more than that so we could be underestimating the income by a little