Bob Saget Net Worth 2022: Income, Salary, Career, Bio

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Bob Saget was an American stand-up comedian, actor, tv host, and director who had a net worth of $50 million.

He is well known for his role in the sitcom Full House and adult-oriented jokes.

He was born on 17 May 1956. He has been in the news lately after he was found dead by hotel staff at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando. The cause of his death is still not known.

His works include Fuller House, Spaced out, and Critical Condition. He was involved in efforts to create awareness about Scleroderma. He was also a voice artist and hosted the famous show, How I Met Your Mother. As per reports, Bob Saget’s annual income was around $3-4 million.

Today in this post, we are going to tell you in detail about Bob Saget, his total net worth, his earnings, salary, and all other business. Having looked at his luxurious lifestyle, you should have wondered how much money he made.

Bob Saget Net Worth

Full Name:Bob Saget 
Net Worth:$50 Million
Country:United States
Born:17 May 1958 
Salary:$3-4 Million
Last Updated:2022

Early Life

Bob Saget was born on 17 May 1958 in Philadelphia to a Jewish family. His parents were Benjamin and Rosalyn. He had two siblings. He grew up in California and then moved back to Philadelphia to complete his high school at Abington Senior High School. 

He wanted to pursue a career in medicine but his literature teacher pursued him to seek a career in the entertainment industry. He attended Temple University to learn drama and acting. Bob also enrolled at the University of Southern California, he quit the course after a few weeks.


Bob Saget started his career as a member of, CBS’ The Morning Program’ in 1987. His role in the sitcom Full House, where he played the role of Danny Tanner, brought him all the attention. He then tried his luck in comedy. 

He hosted America’s Funniest Home Videos for nine years. He directed his first film called Dirty Work. He also was involved actively in working for people diagnosed with Scleroderma. He lent his voice in the famous tv show How I Met your Mother. In 2014, he released a book based on his life. He also owned a podcast show.

Assets and Properties

Bob Saget owned a lavish property in Los Angeles which is worth millions. There are no reports of any other properties that he owned since he never revealed exact details of his properties. There are no reports of any other expensive properties or assets that he owned.

Income Sources

Bob Saget earned millions every month. He mainly made money through his career in the tv industry. He acted in several sitcoms and movies many of which were commercial hits. He was also a stand-up comedian who entertained people for decades. 

He also made money by being a tv host and was a voice artist who lent his voice for the famous show How I Met Your Mother. He also ran a podcast and had written a book all of which were sources of income.


Net Worth$50 Million
NameBob Saget
Height(1.7 m)
Weight80KG (Approx)
Date Of Birth17 May 1958 
BirthplaceUnited States
Income$3-4 Million (Annual)
SpouseSherri Kramer 

Personal Life

Bob Saget was first married to his high school sweetheart Sherri Kramer in 1982. The couple got divorced after a decade of being married. He then got married to Kelly Rizzo, whom he married in 2018. He had three children from his first marriage. He was very active on his social media. He always reflected on his life through his comedy shows.

Wealth Dependency

Bob Saget left behind a whopping net worth of $50 million which he made throughout his career. He was a part of several movies, and shows like His works include Fuller House, Spaced out, and Critical Condition. His well-known sitcom, Full House, was a commercial success. He also worked as a comedian who was loved by people all over. He also was a director and a tv host. He also wrote a book that added up to his wealth.

Bob saget net worth

Bob saget net worth is about 50 million as of 2022 until his death

Throughout his career, he was a part of several shows and movies. He was a successful comedian well known for his sense of humor. He also wrote his autobiography that was received well by the audience. He passed away on 9 January 2022 at Ritz Carlton in Orlando.

The hotel staff found him unconscious. He was pronounced dead on arrival. The reason for his death is still not known. 

Bob Saget was an American comedian, actor, tv host, and director who rose to fame with the show Full House.

At the time of his death, Bob had a whopping net worth of $50 million which he made through his career as an actor and comedian. He owned a house in Los Angeles, where he lived with his family.