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Robert Norman Ross, better known as Bob Ross was an American who used to be popular as a painter, workmanship teacher, and TV host. He is generally perceived for his PBS network show The Joy of Painting made without help from anyone else.

He was in the painting calling starting around 1983 and had become extremely popular in the past couple of years. He appeared in TV programs and hosted his show named ‘The Joy of Painting’.

Full Name Robert Norman Ross
Birth Date29 October 1942
Birth PlaceOrlando, Florida, U.S.
CareerFormer Painter and Television Personality
Status  Married
Bob Ross Net Worth 1 Million Dollars
Facts about Bob Ross

Early Life

Bob Ross was born in Daytona Beach, Florida, to Jack and Ollie Ross, Bob Ross was raised in Orlando, Florida. 

As a young adult, Ross really focused on harmed creatures, including armadillos, snakes, crocs, and squirrels, one of which was subsequently highlighted in a few episodes of his TV show.

Bob Ross exited secondary school in the ninth grade. While filling in as a craftsman with his dad, he lost a piece of his left index finger, which didn’t influence his capacity to later hold a range while painting.

The show on Ross educating on making wet oil painting strategies. 

The prominence of the show developed additional time throughout the long term.  Ross himself began to turn into a brand that included showing classes just as selling workmanship supplies.

Ross made in excess of 30,000 artworks during his profession with a portion of his artworks being sold for as much as $10,000. His artistic creations were particularly centered around wet oil painting strategies. 

He has referred to characters, for example, Bill Alexander to be significant figures who have influenced him as a painter. Nonetheless, their relationship together would have some tough situations.


Ross and his advantage in craftsmanship developed considerably more in the wake of going to some workmanship classes which caused him to settle the score further into the art.

He even began to watch shows, for example, The Magic of Oil Painting which he viewed as exceptionally motivational and kept him needing to investigate new composition methods.

Throughout the long term, Ross would keep painting while still holding his occupation in the military. 

At last, there came where his artworks began to acquire him more than the compensation he got as a component of the Air Force.

It was hence in 1981 that Ross chose to resign from the Air Force and spotlight more on employment identified with craftsmanship.

After two years in 1983, Ross fostered a show called The Joy of Painting which was enlivened by his own insight of observing such kinds of shows growing up.

Individual Life

Ross had three relationships during his life and Two Kids. 

His first marriage with Vivian Ridge ended in 1977. Ross then married Jane however she, unfortunately, died of Cancer. 

Ross was then married to Lynda Brown only two months before he died. Ross had a few medical issues with him being a chain-smoker that prompted his passing when he was just 52 years of age in 1995 due to lymphoma.

Bob Ross Height

Bob Ross was 1.88 meters tall.

Bob Ross Net Worth

Starting in 2021, Bob Ross has a net worth of $1 million